TOEFL TutorIf you’re going to take TOEFL test it is necessary not just to pass the exam, but also to get a good score. But how will you do it if you have no knowledge about the exam? How to achieve a good result?

We offer you a few tips which help you choose a good TOEFL tutor to prepare for the test.


Before you use the Internet and look for a teacher, ask your friends to help you in recommendations. If there are no advice, then use the search in Yandex or Google and our tips!

History of the company.

We advise you to work only with those companies which exist in the market for at least 5-7 years. During this time they were able to form their team of the teachers, to create preparation strategy, to determine the textbooks and other preparation materials. Therefore, during speaking with a representative of the educational center, ask since what period they operate in the market.

Additional features.

There’re a lot of educational centers. All of they offer the usual array of services: the courses and individual preparation. In this case, you have to pay attention to the additional options. For example, whether the textbooks are included into the price, whether there is an opportunity to repeat the course, whether it’s allowed to take the money if you don’t like something, etc.

Who are the teachers?

Some people believe that you need to prepare for the test only with the help of a native speaker (from England, Australia, USA, Canada). But this view isn’t always correct. Help of a native speaker is useful only for raising of the level of general language. It’s worth to prepare for the test with a Russian teacher. If you have a low or medium level of language, Russian-speaking TOEFL tutor will explain to you all the terms and theory and point to the gaps in your knowledge. Russian-speaking teacher also knows what causes the complex moments of the test and helps to understand them. Secondly, the native speakers don’t take the exams for non-native residents (TOEFL and IELTS). These exams are designed for those who know English as a second language. Thirdly, those native speakers, who often work in Russia, usually are not the professional educators.

Pay attention to the experience of the teacher.

If you want to get the guaranteed results, contact to the experienced TOEFL tutor (experience not less than 5 years), who works in a major preparatory center or university. Employment in a company or institution is also a guarantee of quality, because educational institutions and centers value their reputation.

How you can get a high TOEFL iBT score? One of the tips may surprise you: