Cost of TOEFL

Cost of TOEFL Cost of TOEFL consists of many factors. First of all, it is the cost of the exam; secondly, it’s a payment for additional services, and thirdly it’s the sanctions and fines. Let calculate together how much it can cost to take TOEFL.

In order to pass TOEFL exam, you need to register for it and pay the exam fee. In Russia, cost of TOEFL iBT is $ 250. It’s preferable to pay this amount by card during the registration on the site ETS. There you can select conveniently located test center.

There are a few extras that must be paid separately. For example, if you register for TOEFL in less than a week before the exam date, you need to pay extra $ 35 for expedited processing.

If you want to cancel the TOEFL or postpone the date, you can do it no later than in 3 days (not counting the day of delivery) before the exam. For example, if the exam is on Saturday, then you need to cancel the date no later than Tuesday. The cost of changing the date is $ 60. This amount must be paid before you choose a new date.

Cancellation or postponement of the date of the exam can be made in one of two ways:

If you cancel the date in time, then 50% of the cost of taking the test will be returned to you. Thus fee for additional services are not refundable.

The price includes sending the results of the exam in 4 schools. If you need to send your TOEFL scores in more number of universities, it is necessary to order additional certificates. Each certificate will cost $ 18. However, ETS provides a variety of packages, and if you are sure that you need a lot of certificates, then it makes sense to buy the package. The latest information about these proposals is always available on the website

Additional copies can be ordered in the following ways:

In this video you’ll find the information about TOEFL registration:

Finally, if you have any questions about the evaluation of Speaking and Writing sections, there is an opportunity to appeal, and then recheck your work.