Where to take TOEFL?

Where to take TOEFL?It is important to know that when you’re going to go to the test centre you need to bring the passport and to show it to the receptionist. If your name in the document does not match the name on the registration card for the exam, you will not be allowed to test. Scanned copy of the document is not accepted - you must bring the original variant. The passport has to be with your photo and signature.

You cannot use these documents as identification of your personality: international law, student card, credit card, birth certificate.

All the centers are equipped with computers and serviced by trained personnel. Thus the procedure of passing the test is completely depersonalized that lead to the maximum objectivity of the test results.

Usually the test is taken in the morning in a large room, where computers are located around the perimeter. It is particularly important during working with a Speaking section, where candidates begin to response to the microphone almost simultaneously. Sound isolation is carried out by using the headphones that can deliver some discomfort to the candidates.

In general, the conditions of passing the test may be called enough comfortable.

You can register for the TOEFL test online and decide where to take TOEFL. Exam fee is $ 250 and it is the same in all cities of the Russian Federation.

The results of the test will be available in the online office after about 10 days after the date of the exam. The envelope with the printed version of the results will be sent in 13 days after the exam. Delivery to Moscow is about a month, to the other cities of Russia it may be longer.

In Russia you can pass only TOEFL iBT version. TOEFL PBT was abolished in May 2012 and is available only in some Asian and African countries.

Before you’ve decided where to take TOEFL, you have to know that passing the test occurs in specialized testing centers in almost every major city in Russia almost 50 times per year.

The exact number of such centers in the country is 26.

This video describes the process of registration to TOEFL test:

In various cities available date of passing the test varies from once a week to once in three months - it depends on the popularity of TOEFL and in the region.