Some interesting facts about TOEFL

Some interesting facts about TOEFLIn this topic we’ll speak about the most common types of preparation, sections and the ways the test is scored.

Each section has a scaled score of 0-30 points. So the maximum score the candidate can achieve is 120.

TOEFL test

The TOEFL test is scored both by human raters and computer. This method of scoring provides an accurate and complete picture of students’ knowledge and abilities. As to Reading and Listening parts of the test, they are checked by a computer. Each section consists of 36-56 and 34-51 exercises respectively. Reading tasks measure your ability to understand academic passages.

TOEFL Listening

In the Listening section you have to listen to some lectures, conversations and classroom discussions and then answer the questions to them. This will help an adcom see how you can understand any spoken English speech.

TOEFL Speaking

Speaking section contains six tasks which are rated from 0 to 4. Here you need to demonstrate how well you can develop the given topic and deliver your message.

TOEFL Writing

In the Writing section you are supposed to complete two essays, both rated from 0 to 5 (then the sum will be converted to a scale score of 0-30). This section will measure you grammar skills, vocabulary, accuracy, completeness and coherence of your written speech. The section is scored by a human rater as well as a computer.

Advice on the TOEFL preparation

You have an opportunity to prepare for each section separately, if you are aware of your disadvantages, and the test in whole. In order to this you can use lots of prep books, some English TOEFL prep courses, practice toefl on line, etc. We advise you to use mostly the exercise books, programms and take tests for practice which provides you with TOEFL 2012 pattern. An effective preparation can be realized in many ways which help you understand what TOEFL is, it’s structure, find some samples of questions and take the entire test yourself. The Heinemann TOEFL has shown itself to advantage as a special prep course that can be used in class or individual preparation process. The course is extremely effective, contains plenty of facts and advice, samples of exercises, practice tests, etc. Moreover this course will determine some weak points in your preparation and show you which sections you need to develop.